Malam Seribu Harapan (MaSeH) 4.0 2019

Persatuan Sindrom Down Malaysia (PSDM), Yayasan Kaseh Kanser & Kronik (YKKK) & d’ Tandoor Food Industries Sdn Bhd (DTFI) will be collaborating together and organising a charity dinner that is Malam Seribu Harapan (MaSeH) 4.0 2019.  

The objectives of  this event are to add funds for both organisations and to accommodate costs of individual with Down Syndrome who is having chronic diseases such as Heart Disease, Leukaemia, Congenital, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, ADHD & Hyperactive. Our target is for B40 group in rural areas and PSDM’s affiliate members throughout Malaysia.

To ensure that we can achieve the objectives, we are selling tables at this event and we are also welcoming any donations (monetary and goods). To donate or buy tables or to get more info on this, kindly call the secretariat of MaSeH 4.0 2019 at 03-4257 9818 (Ms. Husna/Pn Hanizan (PSDM)) or 03-7880 2020.