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Fesyen Vaganza Amal ’19 Sindrom Down & Hi-Tea

Fashion Vaganza Charity '19 Syndrome Down Malaysia & Hi-Tea - 30 local celebrities | 30 down syndrome children | on the catwalk event | 60 fashion designs to be recognized by the Malaysia Book of Records | Singing performance

Down Syndrome CHARITY CONCERT 2017 with Hi-Tea – 4 November 2017

Down Syndrome CHARITY CONCERT 2017 with Hi-Tea 4 November 2017 3:00 PM – 6:00PM KRISTAL HALL 1 & 2 lg Telekom Malaysia Convention Centre Event Patron […]
Konsert Amal PSDM 2017 & Majlis Hi-Tea 4 November 2017

Konsert Amal Sindrom Down 2017 & Majlis Hi-Tea

Konsert Amal Sindrom Down 2017 & Majlis Hi-Tea Venue: Dewan Kristal Telekom Malaysia Convention Centre Tarikh: 4 November 2017 Masa: 3.00-6.30 petang

Malaysia shall witness a new generation of the intellectually challenged among our individuals with Down syndrome from pure welfare based to economic based.

Perihal Persatuan/ About our association

Persatuan Sindorm Down Malaysia adalah sebuah Pertubuhan Sukarelawan Kebajikan Masyarakat Kebangsaan diperingkat Kebangsaan yang menjaga kebajikan individu dengan Sindorm Down serta keluarga mereka.

Down Syndrome Association Malaysia is a Voluntary Organisation National level National Welfare caring for individuals with Down Syndrome and their families.

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Berikut ada senarai sukarelawan PSDM terkini/ Here is list of PSDM latest Volunteers

Nur Umairah

From: Terengganu. Age: -


From: Negeri Sembilan. Age: 28

Halimaton Othman

From: Kuantan, Pahang. Age: 24

Amran Ismail

From: Ipoh, Perak Age: 29

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